In the last number of years the amount of disinformation on social media has exploded. The Pandemic in particular has led to a deluge of toxic content that has infiltrated all levels of society. This is extremely dangerous. If left unchecked, it leads to a place where the very concept of objective truth is up for debate. If people cannot agree what is true then anything can be true which means that nothing is true. That makes fertile ground for grifters, demagogues and fascists to sweep in and take advantage.


These are accounts with large numbers of followers who either directly produce disinformation or share a large number of followers with those that do. Some of these are cynically using disinformation to either increase their profile or to directly monitize their following. Others are true believers who simply want to spread the consipracy theories that they themselves believe to be true. Others still offer more tacit support for disinformation, typically using bad-faith "Just asking questions" type arguments.

Broadcasters »


These are accounts that consume a lot of disinformation. This is on the basis that a lot of the accounts that they follow have been flagged as Broadcasters. Typically the higher the "% of Followed" metric, the deeper down the rabbit hole they typically are.

Clowns »


Use this feature to search for a given account to see if they follow any Broadcasters or are followed by any Clowns. If they show up in the search then you will be able to click through to see which Broadcasters or Clowns are linked to it via their lists of Followers/Following.



See what Broadcasters have come and gone since the last scan or since scans in the past. Some existing accounts are flagged as Broadcasters (due their content changing to match the appetite of Clowns). Others are new accounts that have developed large followings. At the same time some Broadcasters quit or get their accounts suspended.